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Stop Killing Jounarlist!!!

After a hard day work being a journalist covering the southern part of Metro Manila, I remember Mr. Koïchiro Matsuura, the Director-General of UNESCO condemned the recent murder of our fellow Journalist : Juan “jun” Pala on September 6, Rico Ramirez on August 20, and Noel Villarante one day earlier.

Mr Matsuura also recalled that “at the 29th session of the General Conference in 1997, all of UNESCO’s Member States undertook to investigate and prosecute those who murder journalists, when they adopted a Resolution urging the ‘authorities [to] discharge their duty of preventing, investigating and punishing such crimes and remedying their consequences’.”

I recalled during my earlier days as contributing writer in Manila Bulleting Youth and Campus way back 1993 I asked some students regarding the Death Penalty because Heinous crime continues to make the headlines. One of the student said: ” I agree to the reimposition of of the death penalty because without it, heinous crimes will always be the headlines of newspapers.

Mr Pala, who had a daily programme on DXGO radio, died on Saturday in the southern city of Davao in the third attempt on his life. Rico Ramirez, a journalist for DXSF radio was murdered in the town of San Francisco in the province of Agusan del Sur and Noel Villarante, a reporter for DZJV radio and local newspaper Laguna Score, was shot and killed in Santa Cruz City, in central Laguna Province. A total of six journalists have been killed in the Philippines this year.

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