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Stop Media Killing !!

Marked for Death

This is the titled of the report of the New York-based Committee to Protect Journalists,saying the Philippines has been the most dangerous country for journalists since 2000, followed by Iraq, Colombia, Bangladesh and Russia.

As a Journalist I was shocked about the reports of CPJ and at least 18 journalists have been slain for their work since 2000in the Philippines

The reports said that. All had reported on government and police corruption, drug dealing, and the activities of crime syndicates. Many were rural radio commentators or reporters who were ambushed in drive-by assassinations.

However, Press Secretary Ignacio R. Bunye branded today as unfair and exaggerated a report of the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPI) that the Philippines are the “most murderous” country for media practitioners.

Bunye said that the Philippine National Police (PNP) and other law enforcement agencies are giving special attention to the protection of members of the media, and the arrest and prosecution of attackers of journalists.

“Press freedom is fully protected and media practitioners may ask the police for special protection if their lives are under threat,” Bunye said.

The PNP has organized “Task Force Newsmen” to provide protection to journalists and conduct exhaustive investigations into the killings of media practitioners

The databases of the National Union of Journalists of the Philippines showed that, 17 journalists were killed during the Aquino administration, 15 under Ramos, five under Estrada and 39 under Arroyo.

Let us pray for the souls of Newspaper columnist Marlene Esperat, Broadcaster Klein Cantoneros and Starline Times Recorder Editor Philip Agustin.

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