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Journey to Ruapehu

“Mt. Ruapehu erupted last night, sending lahars down the northern and eastern sides of the mountain. A steam and ash cloud was seen from Turoa ski-filed when the volcano erupted from seven minutes without warning “
It was September 25,2007,When I first heared the eruptions of Mt. Ruapehu since 1996. Two month ago, We went to Mt. Ruapehu to Ski. It was a beautiful and wonderful journey. This is the first time to see a snow in my entire life. As you know, I lived in a tropical Island called Philippines filled with with beautiful Beaches and Lady.

At 5:00 AM, we set off  to Mt. Ruapehu from
Wellington and my son and Daughter are excited to go there. Approximately 4 hours driving going to Whakapapa Ski field.

Its a long-driving but the highway are good and smooth unlike in the Philippines. During the journey i saw a lots of beautiful scenery.

” Tama nga ang friend ko mas marami ang tupa dito kaysa sa tao”

I never imagine that i will be here living in New Zealand probably because of quality of life here.

By 12 noon, We are at the Whakapapa Ski Field enjoying the ski and snowboarding. Anyway, For your Information, Mt. Ruapehu is an active stratvolcano at the southern end of the Taupo Volcanic Zone. It is 23 kilometres northeast of Ohakune and and 40 kilometres southwest of the southern shore of Lake Taupo , witihn Tongariro National Park.

Mt. Ruapehu is the North Island major skifelds and has two commercial skifield, Whakapapa on the northern side and Turoa on the southern slope.

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