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5 Strokes to develop Creative Thinking

Creative thinking is not a mysterious gift possessed by a superior few. Anyone can have it!

Creativity is defined as “ability to discover novel solutions or to produce novel works, “according to Lawrence Wrightsman.

I remember when I was still studying at Emilio Aquinaldo College in Manila; I was attending a lecture from Dr. Torrance of Philippines Normal University regarding the value of the development of creativity in you people.

He said,” as a future human resource, creative children and students can be counted upon to play their role in advancing the economic development of their respective countries”.

According to many psychologists, we can develop such in young people by rewarding creative effort and by fostering a creative personality and people can be trained to increase their creativity.

How can you think creativity and develop little wonders of your own? I have here 4 simple steps to develop creative thinking.

MAKE READY. According to Engle and Snellgrave in their book Psychology: Its Principles and Application, this is a long process involving wide reading, attending lectures and seminars, talking with others interested in the activity, reading notes and related materials, etc.

DON NOT THINK IN ABSOLUTES. “Unfortunately, one people set their minds on a single solution, they often fail to look for others, “says writer Ellen Langer.

“Whatever problems you face, you’ll find more options if you realize there are no absolute answers, but rather a range of possible solution.”

FIND INSPIRATION. After the first and second attempts the thinker starts to see new relationship, a new ideas, and simultaneously drops out irrelevant materials. A rather sudden solution of the problem has been reached, according to Sevilla in his book Psychology with values Development Lesson.

TAKE ONE STEP AT A TIME.I f you want to develop your creative thinking, you must plan a schedule that will be of use to your in your activity. It is a strategy that allows good things to happen.

FINALLY, THINK SMALL. Your ideas don’t have to be big to be creative. Writer Lester David narrates: The Frisbee didn’t change the world, but it gave people loads of fun and made of fortune. The adhesive bandage, safety pin, paper cup and soda can pop-top were ‘small’ ideas. Still, they were primate examples of imagination, curiosity ,common sense and hard work all blended to fill a need, solve a problem and make life a bit better.

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