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Starling, the rat of the sky

The other day I’m a baby-sitter for the whole night watching two little starling bird I called them “Ernie and Bert”. The two bird kick out from their nest and they can’t fly since they are two young.

So what I do to keep them warm I put them in a little box and covered with white towel so that they can go to sleep.

While I’m doing my bird watching I turned on my computer researched in the internet about Starling bird and surprised me that this cute bird are often referred to as the rat of the sky and has been nominated as among 100 of the “world’s Worse” invaders.

In spring they seek nest sites and find gaps under the edge of the roofs of buildings. The construction of New Zealand buildings is such that they provide ideal entrance points to the warm dry eaves. Starlings are noisy and gregarious.

I remember last month a greytown apple grower who firebombed a huge starling roost near Greytown that left thousands of starlings dead


According to the news, when the starling multiplied to such an extent that they became pests to the farmers. I was surprised about the information of the bird that these little cute starling is a pest. By 5am I put the two bird in a bushes near to my house.

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