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Are you a office Monster?

I got an email from my friend in the Philippines the other day and share to me an interesting article regarding a new list of workers personalities entitled, “A sniffer or a Smacker ? which office personality are you?”.

The report came from UK’s largest online broker of commercial office space firm I admit, we all have one – annoying colleague whose habits gets right up our nose

Here some of the most common workplace personalities. Watch out:

The Hipster – He wears the shiniest suit, the loudest tie and the silliest socks and is a grand master of the fake golf swing, finger pistols, thumbs up or spin bowl action.

The Borrower – Something missing from your desk? Every office has a perpetual borrower. Tell them you’ll start charging ‘interest’ if they miss the deadline – one chocolate bar for every hour past the deadline sounds a reasonable amount.

The Snake – Slimy, limp hand shaker who slithers around and stares at colleagues for far longer than should be allowed.

The Smacker – The colleague who slurps their way through lunch, talks with their mouth full and shares far more of their lunch than they should.

Pussy Galore – sweet yet neurotic colleague whose desk is covered in pictures of ‘Fluffy’ and who loves to share stories of her pussy’s ‘cute’ and ‘amazing’ antics.

Moaning Minnie – there’s always one person who we’d like to put a sock in it – sometimes literally!

The Gossip Monger – loves a good drama and is always first to share any scandal.

The Sniffer – The woman (or indeed man) who overdoses on perfume or aftershave and wafts through the office.

The Message Mangler – Takes a message but always forgets to find out where the caller is from or take a contact number.

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