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Malty Media Live!

Drifty sound, weird dub transpositions, bits of 1970s retroness, and archival ambient tracks.

This is what you get if you combine Wellington electornica gurus Jet Jaguar and Aquaboogie in the house. Witness their third, Malty Media Chillout session this coming Wednesday night, Dec 19 at Katipo Cafe.

So see, you at Katipo Cafe to joined other Wellingtonian for this great event in music industry and Support Kiwi (NZ) Music and artists. Aquaboogie said this will be a chillout and entertaining night.


“To do this we usually drop in silly or retro sounds. I’m not sure we’ve got the balance right, yet. Sometimes I feel we should be doing more to get peoples’ attention, but then when we do I think we’re maybe trying too hard, and we should just let things float,” Aquaboogie.

For the third time , Aquaboogie said, the last Malty Media set for the year on the 19th of December with less than a week from Christmas.

“I have a plan (though I’m not sure Michael is as keen) of doing a Christmas themed event. Well, it’d be nice to dub out some Christmas carols. You know, in a restrained, tasteful way. And we could do something cheesy with the barking dogs jingle bells song. Arf arf arf, arf arf arf. Etc,” He added.

You can listen to Malty Media performance during Radio Active 30th celebrations by pressing the play button below:

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