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A orange glow and a plume of smoke beginning to rise somewhere else close to the center of the city. People appearing on the streets and traffic going in all directions at an hour when the streets are usually empty.

The explosion has affected a half kilometer radius from the epicenter, destroying a factory,many shops and two hundred homes.

It has also taken out the communications infrastructure in the area. This includes fixed telephone lines,surveillance and traffic cameras and cellphone antennas.

Debbie and Paul were one of the first ambulance teams to arrive at the scene.The paramedics know that more serious casualties await them closer to the epicentre of the explosion. Casualties are being brought out of burning buildings by the firefighters and aside from that a multiple car accident happened.The paramedics begin triage and treatment.

Ops…I’m not in Iraq or Afghanistan. This is only major incident scenario that a First Aider could encounters.
For two days, I went thru a First Aid course conducted by Morty Mortensen of St. John in Wellington with 19 other people from different walks of life. On the first day, We introduced each others. Andrew from bank, Paul from Wellington Zoo,Kellie from Johnsonville, Meridith, Vicky, Yolanda, Debbie who will become a qantas flight attendant, Alex a student,Matt from Karori Santuary,Siema,Matt from Broadcasting Standard Authority,Ben the dancer,John from City Council.

Hey! Guys sorry I have short term memory lost I forget the name of other participants please forgive me.

On the first day all of us a little bit shock and scared and we are thinking if we can pass this first aid course particularly the Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) assessment using mini anne. But our tutor Mr. Morty makes the session easy and fun and we almost enjoyed the two day course.

Thank you to our Tutor, I learned many things on how to safe life in simple way and being confident of what I’m doing. As Mr. Morty said in any scenario remember the Priority Patient Management Plan:

S – Safety
I – I’m,me and myself

R – Response:
Voice and touch
Call 111 and ask for ambulance(if required) A – Airway:
Open and clear
B – Breathing:
Look,listen,feel for breathing

C – Circulation:(Compressions)
Signs of life,breathing,coughing and movement
D – Defilbrillation

S – Severe Bleeding:
Check fr life-threatening bleeding

Mr. Morty told us that the most important aspect of the chain of survival is PREVENTION.

On the second day of the course, We done more scenario by groups and learned the first aid for Burns,Poisoning,Fractures and soft tissue injuries,head and spinal injuries,eye and chest injuries.

To all the participants. Congratulations!! Hope to see you soon. Keep in touch!!

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