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Boxing Day 2007

Hi! I’m back I’m not able to wrote my blog yesterday because we are busy window shopping. He!he!he! it’s Boxing Day yesterday. Time to spends some money to buy gifts to your loved one because during this day prizes are much cheaper.

Everyone are excited my wife,my kids and my friends for a road trips going to shopping malls and stores from Wellington City to Lyall Bay up to Lower Hutt. For us, the first pitstop, Briscoes homewere along Taranaki St. in Wellington. We just purchased some kitchenware and bathware.

After that we went to KFC Terrace for a snack, Ivan and Mariel are very hungry it’s about 1pm ,when we finished window shopping at Briscoes homwere.

And then , We went to Harvey Norman in Welington to check the latest prices
of Ipod, tv, playstation and laptops. The parking are fully occupied and secretly I bought a 8 gb Ipod Nano for my wife as a Christmas gift. Oh Man! the store are jumpacked of peoples buying their favorite gadgets. Same as the Harvey Norman Store in Lower Hutt. the hi-tech gadget are discounted between 20%-15 % or 20%-50% for bed linen and manchester.

The last pitstop is the Warehouse in Lyall Bay ,and we purchased Elmo toy for Mariel and plastic box for Ivan toys and some bathroom accessories and chocolates. save 20%-30% on all toys,clothing,footware and accesories.

Opss!! Some trivia regarding the Boxing Day. It is a public holiday celebrated in the UK, Canada ,New Zealand and Australia and commonwealth of nations on December 26.

According to wikipedia, Boxing Day is a traditional celebration, dating back to the Middle Ages, and consists of the practice of giving out gifts to employees, the poor or to people in a lower social class.

The Boxing Day is to spend the day with other family members as a sort of second Christmas Day , a time for each other . Despite the bad weather all day. We all enjoyed …. see you next year.

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