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30 days of night

The 30 days of night are based on a series of graphic novels, the story centers around the height of winter in northern Alaska when the sun doesn’t rise for a month.

This a bitter time and most locals split town. This winter a gang of pale faced vampires show their hideous selves, making the most of the darkness. They slaughter the community leaving only a handful of folk alive including the Sheriff and his wife (George). They try to deal with the rather large issue, and try to stay alive until the sun comes up.

According to Andrew Hedley from,the editing is ridiculously frantic, relegating the action scenes as incoherent. There’s plenty of movement on screen, but certainly no way of knowing what in the hell is going on. Just sit back and assume it’s a vampire attacking a human; that’s what’s happening most of the time.

Oh Well, let me see first.

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