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As Wellington City Council intensifies the campaign against taggers, making them remove their graffiti, Crowded Elevator, New Zealand newest street wear label used graffiti art in their clothing.

Crowded Elevator with their founding fathers Carl Thompson and Gavin brown has joined force with five of New Zealand‘s top creative gurus.

Each of these five artists has designed a unique NZ-themed print for this special limited edition t-shirt range. These are artists are:

Otis Frizzell has more than 15 years of public graffiti art experience and since 1998 has retained his position as New Zealand’s highest profile graffiti artist.

Enuake Sirikige’s roots are in graffiti/aerosol art and is now a very diverse talent, ranging in styles from graphic design to fashion design and mural art.

Peap’s unique style of art is strongly influenced by his part Cambodian , part Kiwi heritage and working with Artbeatz Active Exhibition and designer for clothing label Cleatis Preston.

Paul Shih is an emerging artist, originally from Taiwan with his unique style called “Paper Diorama”, a combination of photography and illustration techniques.

Lee Gilmour’s grounding in art for many years has been in painting, exploring the fundamentals of abstract expressions to reality.

You can check the website at for additional information.

On the other hand, Shideh Olafsson of cocopr , announced to us the 2 new label added to the winter 2008 and summer 2009, the rusty and the money shot.

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