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Knight Rider return

After 25 years, the new knight rider unveils last February 17 at NBC, I’m lucky I watched the new series thru live streaming courtesy of stage6.

The car is cool a 2008 ford mustang and the voice of KITT is Actor Val Kilmer. I like the new car the Knight Industries Three Thousand. The 2 hours pilot episode is must see to all knight rider fans, a high adrenaline action series.

The film opens at night with several technicians from the power company answering a call at the home of Charles Graiman. He is suspicious, as he did not expect them until the next morning, but allows them inside.

They soon reveal their hostile intent and threaten his daughter if he does not cooperate, and as the situation intensifies, Graiman collapses and dies from an apparent heart attack.

While searching his home for hard drives containing the information they are after (for a defense project named Prometheus), they stumble across a car, which drives away before they can stop it.

For more information the website of NBC

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