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Top 10 at One Hundred

WOW! I can’t believe it today is my 100 post in my blog since I started last September 25,2007. I meet a lots of people from different walks of life, fellow blogger and new friends with a whole new experience as Filipino living in New Zealand.

So here are my top 10 favorites that I post in my blog since September 2007. The first one is the adventures to Mt. Ruapehu. Since I’m leaving in tropical country such as the Philippines going to Ruapehu is my first time to see really snow in my life.

Ever since I love outdoor hiking and mountain climbing are some of my favorites sports and of course sight-seeing my second list is the Cape Palliser which we saw fur seal colony and my kids enjoyed the place. I love the place particularly the light house with more than 250 steps if you want to see the south island.

New Zealand is a family country environment kiwi loves to relax going to the park with kids every weekend instead of shopping last November a Halloween party

for children’s celebrated at the Capital E in Wellington and my son Ivan joined the party.

As we settled to a new country just like my family, you gonna me new friends and fellow Filipinos who are living here in New Zealand. My fourth favorite post is about
Tita Nids,Tita Thess and Tito Toni
which I considered our closest family here in New Zealand.

This year 2008 will be my second year in Wellington and I love Wellington and I learned so many things and I think it’s a right decision that we went here in New Zealand than Canada.

After four month’s since September 2007, my blog got nominated in Blogger Choice Awards 2008.

Being a Dad you got a lots of responsibilities not just providing financial but taking good care of your kids preparing their foods and their clothes and accompanied them during school field trips.

I’m not a fan of success but one of my favorites post regarding the the visit of David Beckham in Wellington. On the other hand, I also joined the campaign of dominion post against Japanese whalers to stop killing whales. And most important of all:

In every man success their is a woman behind and that will be my wife

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