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Hail to the Police


THOUSAND mourners remembered the other day slain policeman Sergeant Derek Wooton .

The service was held at Police College Gymnasium in Porirua,which was packed with collegues, family and friends. Mr. Wooton, was killed in the line of duty  in Titahi Bay last friday .

I paid tribute to Mr. Wooton and all the member of New Zealand Police who are doing their jobs to make  New Zealand safe from crimes.

I wish to thank  Constable Anna Spence of Welington Police Station who helped me regarding Alcohol related incident in my area the other day.

I was driving going to my work when I pass by  to a group of  drunks and one of them with no apparent reason just smashed my car side mirror.  I immediately call 111 to report the incidents  and a  few minutes Constable Spence and her partner arrived and arrested the culprit. I think we have to be vigilant in our communities.

Because of New Zealand’s binge-drinking culture, the problems caused when people make poor choices after they’ve drunk too much, impact on general duties, criminal investigation, road policing and communications centre staff, plus many others in the Police organisation.

On the other hand, Many of Auckland’s Asian migrants say they are feeling angry and insecure. If you listen to the operators of various Asian community media, small business owners and taxi drivers, nearly all will tell you that crime seems worse now than ever.

The feeling of insecurity, as expressed by members of the Chinese media, is pervasive with one young Chinese woman describing internet and Chinese radio talkback discussions over the issue as ‘frenzied’.


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