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Google for Free!!!

At least 23 percent of New Zealander used the online media for their daily basis such as chatting,video sharing and surfing the net.

This is according to Mr. Richard Suhr, Enterprise lead of Google NZ during the lunching of “Google tools for the public sector” today at James Cook Hotel in Wellington.

The event was presented by Jan Zawadski Limited in cooperation with Google New Zealand.According to Mr. Suhr, the events is to help government sponsors and customer in Wellington to understand what Google are doing.

Meanwhile, Mr Jan Zawadski ,the event organizer said the lunching is to educate people and helping them understand the service of Google for free. Some of the Google solution that are available for public sectors such as :

  • Google Compliance – policy-based content filtering and archiving tools for email, Web and IM

  • Google Sites – functionally-rich collaboration platform for streamlining internal teams and engaging external stakeholders

  • Google Search Appliances – instant, real-time and secure access to the information stores in your enterprise: email, shared drives, content management and business applications

  • Google Maps & Earth – tools for making geographic information easily accesible, understandable and useful

  • Google Apps – document, spreadsheet and presentation tools for users who don’t need the complexity and overhead of MS Office

  • Gmail – email platform with powerful search facilities, virus/spam filtering, massive storage capacity and 24/7 availability

  • Google Calendar – collaborative online calendar that makes it easy to share and publicise

On the ther hand, Mr. Suhr also announced the online version of Maori language in Google Home page and search interface has been lunched two weeks ago coinciding with Te Wiki o te reo Maori. For video from The Sidestrip,click HERE

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