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Shocks of your Life

I went to Wellington Zoo a week ago and they upgrading the fence around zoo’s perimeter with a 7,000 volt electric fence to keep vandals and thieves off the zoo’s grounds at night.

Trespassers will get a shock if they try to enter the Wellington Zoo after hours and is electronically monitored by the zoo’s security company.

Operations manager Mauritz Basson said the public’s nocturnal incursions endangered both animals and trespassers: “It smacks of someone with serious lack of brain capacity, because if the lion used the bench to get out …”

I don’t understand why peoples break-ins to Zoo fence left some beer bottles in the giraffe enclosure, a picnic table in the lion enclosure they endangered themselves and the animals.

To see the the real dangers of trespassing in zoo and jump to a wrong enclosure this will happened to you. Click Here.

In February 2003, a mental health patient was mauled by a tiger after scaling a 4.5-metre fence during opening hours.

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