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Parabox Evolves

LAST Sunday, I was attending a Filipino Community gathering in  Lower Hutt and I noticed a beautiful poster about an  Art show of a Filipino Artist named Jojo Garcia-Jowett at the Farsite Gallery in Petone, Wellington.

The entitled “PARABOX” will be showing to the public starting today at 5:30 – 8 P.M. According to the Organizer, Parabox is unforgettable multi-sensory installation from Filipino artist Josephine Garcia- Jowett (Jojo), presented by Hutt Valley Community Arts and Creative Communities Hutt City.

“My artwork is like a scar, a reminder of my past. Although I can’t change it, perhaps reworking what happened will not only give me closure but help others revisit their own experiences with fresh eyes and ears.” Jojo said.

Created from hundreds of shredded cardboard boxes, [PARABOX] tells the story of Jojo’s perilous life growing up in the Philippines where home and family were built on fragile, uncertain foundations. Emigration to New Zealand didn’t free her from the responsibility of caring for her family – she still sends home huge boxes stuffed full of essential supplies.

In [PARABOX], these balikbayan boxes (balik=return, bayan=home) are torn to pieces, and reconstructed into a room- size cave. The cave is filled with flickering light and half-whispered memories, letting the audience reflect on the ties that bind us all to our homelands.

Unit 8
Doreen Doolan Mall
193 Jackson Street

Jojo Mabuhay Ka!!

Proud to be Filipino

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