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Sable and Minx E-store Launched…

Sophisticated women’s streetwear label Sable & Minx launched their first e-store the other day , allowing fans of the brand to purchase garments from anywhere around the country or the world, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

“Consumers are becoming increasingly more familiar and trusting with online purchasing,” says the label’s designer, Theresa Brady.

“The statistics are staggering and demonstrate that more and more people are spending greater percentages of their spare time and disposable income buying apparel online, making it a top priority for us to get an e-store up and running,” she says.

The label, created in March 2007 under the banner of parent company Urban Creative, worked with New Zealand web development company Solutionists to create a site that was stylish, ected the brand, easy to navigate and gave as much information as possible to ensure an effortless shopping experience.

“Solutionists are experts at creating fashion e-stores, having worked with the likes of Barkers and Ruby,” says Brady. “And they always kept me informed on matters pertaining to providing a cutting edge e-commerce solution,” she says.

“Theresa knew exactly what questions to ask and exactly what she wanted it to accomplish with the site,” says Solutionists Director

Frank Gilbert. “She knew that selling online does not cannibalize sales from bricks and mortar stores, that in fact most shoppers will research the product online before buying then and there or visiting a store to purchase, depending on their priorities at the time.”

“Today it’s a case of you promote your brand online or you will be left off the shopping list,” he says. Visit the site at

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