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NZ Parliament Open Day!!

For my weekly date with my family, We went to NZ Parliament, Its was the first time that I visited the Ho use of Representatives particularly the BeeHive. The security are strict from the the first floor foyer in the Parliament building. No  mobile phones or cameras be used inside the building and no food or drink allowed inside.

After the security check,the parliament staffs greeted us and gave us map of the Parliament and yellow balloon for my son and daughter . We went straight to B1-stories eehive or the executive wing inside are the Beehive Building Display, a picture parliament mural competition and the x7 Dance band for entertainment.

We just circled around the Beehive and went back to Parliament House to checked the Kate Sheppard Nust,SIr Apiranan Ngata Bust and the Grand Hall. The Grand Hall is a 27-metre long on the first floor of Parliament House.

The arched stained glass windows and stained glass ceiling domes are designed so that lighting behind them enhances the decor of the room and  which is closed to the Chamber, was used for most of its history as the members Lounge.

Then, We went to The Upper house Photographic display and Legislative Council Chamber to the famous Debating Chamber.

Debating Chamber,courtesy by Parliament

From the Debating Chamber to Parliament Library Building and according to one of the staff, the Library is the oldest building in the parliament complex being completed in 1899. It is a national heritage building and has been refurbished to its original Gothic splendour and strengthened against earthquake.

It was a wonderful day and educational tour for me and to my kids to better understanding of  New Zealand political system.  By October 3, Parliament is dissolved,meaning all business comes to an end till a new parliament is formed.


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