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Rembrandt, conquered the World

One of my friends in Cocopr sent me this press release regarding our very own suit company which established  an alliance  with one of the world’s  most prestigious cloth weavers.


Australasia’s premier menswear manufacturer, Rembrandt, is pleased to announced an alliance with Holland & Sherry, one of the world’s most exclusive fabric merchants.

Based in Peebles Scotland, Holland & Sherry is renowned as an authority on rare and exotic bres and has supplied sumptuous fabric to Savile Row bespoke tailors, Parisian haute couture fashion houses and top international garment manufacturers for over 170 years.

Rembrandt is one of New Zealand’s oldest family-owned suit and menswear companies, making ne suits for New Zealand men since 1946. The alliance will allow Rembrandt exclusive right to the cloths.

“Our customers have already been quick to take advantage of the exclusive fabrics, following  a worldwide trend known as ‘masclusivity’, when moneyed men go to great lengths to stand out from the crowd,” says Rembrandt’s Managing Director, David Lyford.

One well-dressed farmer even took the fashion a step further by approaching Rembrandt to request that the highly regarded Merino eece he sells to Holland & Sherry be spun into an incredibly ne cloth and made into a suit.

“We just loved making that suit,” says Lyford. “We’ve always made it the focus of our business to use the best materials, and sometimes that means England Britain or Europe but more often than not, the best is sourced from internationally renowned New Zealand and Australian merino producers.”

Other Rembrandt customers without their own ocks have also been prepared to invest in some of the more luxurious fabrics, for a suit that can cost up to NZ$3000. “Holland & Sherry can also weave an owner’s name or chosen phrase subtly into the pin stripe of a suit or place a 22k Gold or Platinum thread intricately amongst the weave,” says Lyford.

The use of such cloths can cost up to NZ$10,000 per suit. “Being well dressed doesn’t have to cost that many zeros,” says Lyford. “But being spectacularly well dressed sometimes can.”

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