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Moneyshot,Ruby opens store in Auckland..

Tomorrow, Two New Zealand fashion labels, hip men’s streetwear  brand    Moneyshot and design led women’s  fashion  label Ruby are opening  their outlet store in Auckland’s Kingsland, but only for a limited time.

I wish I was their to witness the grand opening of the outlets but unfortunately I’am in Wellington and the store are in Auckland. Maybe next time, if someone sponsored me. He! he! he! just kidding.

By the way, according to our friend from Cocopr’s Shideh Olafasson, the store open  until Christmas Eve, the 25 metres square store is next to The Fridge at 509 New North Road in Kingsland and will sell end of lines, winter 08 garments, samples and seconds.

“New product will be arriving weekly,” says Moneyshot designer Lyndon Sharma. “Prices at the outlet are perfect for guys and girls to grab a few bargains to rock out over the summer,” he says.

About Moneyshot
For hustlers, businessmen, false prophets and porn stars alike. It’s not just a word, it’s an idea, a purpose it’s a modern day religion. ALL HAIL TO THE GOD OF THE DOLLAR SIGN!! It’s more than the porn term – Moneyshot have the crime angle, the entrepreneurial angle and the pro-sports angle. It connects the tycoon to the street hustler, the politician to the mob boss, the risk taker to the bankrupt. From bling to boxing to photography to contract killing, ‘Moneyshot’ is a term used by all. The purpose of this brand is to take a serious shot at money.

About Ruby

For those who seek value in detail and beauty in garments which hold their worth through the seasons, Ruby Boutiques shine, with a whole understanding of what is needed to create a true shopping experience. Ruby’s ambition is to produce garments which are functional, easy to wear and current, and which never shy away from bright colours and textures in the fabrics. Our two amazing designers understand the history well engraved in Ruby, which is producing garments that are playful, youthful and that focus on the everyday beauty that surrounds us. Beading, soft velvets, coloured leather and tiny details of love that show in each garment – these are the elements which are core to the Ruby way of life.

The Moneyshot/Ruby Outlet Store
509 New North Road, Kingsland, Auckland.
10am – 6pm, Monday – Friday
10am – 5pm, Saturday – Sunday

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