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Cartoons protest against terrorism and violence

I was watching the news and then I recieved a text message from my friend tell me that cartoons are in Civic Square protesting against terrorism and violence.

I said to myself, “Cartoons protesting? and then I called my friend to verify his message and he said that’s true. So, what I do I went there with my pen,papers and camera to check the event. It was true the Cartoons are protesting against terrorism and violence.

So, I started taking some pictures and videos and interviews the organizer. They called the event as cartooning for peace presented by Alliance Francaise. According to them, Twenty cartoonists from fifteen different countries,, including four New Zealanders, to show and talk about their cartoons, and how they have informed, and sometimes formed, public opinion on the issues that threaten peace internationally.

Cartooning for Peace, a project developed by Plantu, political cartoonist for the French daily newspaper Le Monde, and former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, has resulted in a number of exhibitions and symposia in Europe, the Middle East and the United States.

The New Zealand Cartoon Archive, with its collection of 25,000 editorial cartoons at the National Library in Wellington, has also been involved. “There’s no doubt that political cartoons get to the nub of issues in a way that can provide much needed clarity and illumination,” says Ian F Grant, founder of the NZ Cartoon Archive.

A promotional campaign has been developed by M&CSaatchi, Wellington. Around 50 life-size images from the cartoonists’ work have been built and will be staging peaceful ‘demonstrations’ around the City from Monday 10 November. The first demonstration will be held at lunchtime in the grounds of Parliament. Following the completion of the Wellington event, the characters – which have been signed by the cartoonists – will be auctioned with net proceeds going to Plantu’s Cartooning for Peace Foundation.  Check my video at Youtube.

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