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Girl just wanna Shwop!!!

For the second time around, the big shwop is coming to town, women  from the Capital are warming up their  wardrobes for the said event.  The Big Shwop – Summer Special is being held in Wellington on Saturday November 29 at the Southern Cross.

According to Co-organizer Inga Boyd, The aim of the Big Shwop – summer Special  is to create  a fashion store  without  using money.

Organizers were overwhelmed by the fantastic  response to the idea ,and after  receiving  more than twice  the expected  number  the first time  around, the venue  space has been  expanded to cater  for a much  larger  300 keen shwoopers.

The Event  is still free and open to the community  but due to its growing popularity  shwoppers will now need to pre-register  on line at the events website – to secure  their place on the day.

“We were completely blown away by  how many  people turned up to Wellington ‘s first  Big Shwop” says  event organiser Sarah  Hopkins. “It was  just  fantastic  to see  how open women were to this new concept, so immediately  started  putting  plans in place  for an even bigger ,better one”.

The Organizers are very excited about the future growth of the concept, and talks are already in place for further “Big Shwop” events in the Wellington for early 2009. The hope is to also expand the idea to include mens and children clothes and hold similar events in other parts of the country.

So see you at southern cross!!!

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