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Ryan Adams return to NZ

After wowing audiences in 2007, Ryan Adams & The Cardinals will return to our stages in 2009. The Frontier Touring Company is pleased to confirm that The Cardinals will perform in Fremantle, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Wellington and Auckland in January and February 2009.

The Cardinals will return in support of their album Cardinology (out now through Universal). Their tenth album release in a phenomenal nine year run, has been pronounced by many as The Cardinal’s most accomplished of their career. The feedback from fans and critics alike has been unanimous: Cardinology is a musical masterpiece.

“Cardinology is a classic-rock record to the bone, nodding to influences that Adams has conjured before but never so well.” – Rolling Stone

“…impressive pictures of craftsmanship…” – Boston Globe

“Like the rest of this moving album, it whispers in the dark instead of hitting you in the face.” – Mojo

“In truth he’s delivered some of the more memorable albums of the decade and there’s no let-up in quality on Cardinology.” – The Courier Mail

In the live arena, night after night The Cardinals deliver shows that promise to live on in fans memories for years to come. Their last tour across Australia and New Zealand drew acclaim across the board.

The New Zealand Herald described a show as “confoundingly great” while The Australian were similarly amazed: “…the singer lead his troupe through a set that proved to be spellbinding, occasionally puzzling and musically top-notch.”

Beat Magazine likened the show to the best: “That’s the thing about Adams – like Lou Reed, like Iggy – even when he’s bad, he’s still very good,” but it was Inpress who described The Cardinals most aptly, declaring them “knock-your-socks-off amazing”.

With a history of selling out shows across Australia and New Zealand there’s no doubt this tour will follow suit.

Tickets on sale 9am Friday 28 November.

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