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Knickers for Africa!!

To help young women living in villages in Zimbabwe avoid being sexually abused, the HOTmilk,is  New Zealand based international maternity and nursing lingerie label, is sending a very special gift to them ..underwear.

Sometimes we can take a lot for granted.from the roofs over our heads right down to the face we own underwear,” says HOTmilk co-owner and co-designer AngeCrosbie.

“When we heard that something as simple as undergarments had the possibility of giving young women in Zimbabwe a better chance to live a life free of sexual abuse, we knew that we wanted to help.”

The Company is assisting former Zimbabwean Morag Roy, who returned to her home in Australia from a recent trip determined to help the local communities in Zimbabwe ina a very unusual way.

Roy discovered that sexual abuse of young girls there was rampant,so she asked a local priest what the girls needed most to prevent it.

“He told me that underwear gives a woman  prestige,show they have money and  men are less likely to assault them,” says Roy.

During that trio Roy also found that most of the young girls and mothers there only had one ragged pairs of knickers each,so they often wore none.

“They also desperately need knickers, but I guess a Catholic priest wouldn’t have thought about mentioning that!” she says.

“Morag had done such a great job in gathering thousands of bras for her cause and we were delighted to donate 6,500 brand new pairs of underwear to her project,” says

Crosbie. The company’s freight forwarder, Express Logistics, were also happy to come to the party by sponsoring the transport of the knickers from New Zealand to Zimbabwe.

“It was so wonderful to hear that HOTmilk and Express Logistics wanted to get involved,” says Roy. “It just proves that there are companies out there who care about others and are willing to do what they can to make a small difference.”

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