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It’s time of the year that we spends more time to our family during the holiday seasons and probably this is my last post for this year to spends some quality time for my family.

The year 2008 is a fruitfully year to me and to my family and also to the blogging community in Wellington,New Zealand. So here ,what happened to Joie De Vivre for this year :

JANUARY – As the Greenpeace Esperanza searching for the Japanese Whalers in the southern ocean to stop them from killing the whales, me and my family went to Te papa Museum to experienced Whales Tohora exhibition . And also this month I surprised my wife a dinner for his Birthday at the Brentwood Hotel

FEBRUARY – This is the first time that my daughter will be in kindy. Despite the bad weather last Sunday the Petone’s festival is a big success.

MARCH – It was a busy month for me I attended two big events: the Gay Lesbian festival and the Newtown Festival with alots of fun and entertainment.

APRIL – I never fascinated with cars but when I went to Southward Cars Museum I said to myself “WOW”. But also this month, me and my wife celebrated our 8 year wedding Anniversary at Big Thumb.

MAY – It’s nice to have some fellow countrymen also living in Wellington,New Zealand just like what happened in “Boholano get together”. A home-made dinner date I made especially for my wife in remembering the Mother’s Day Celebration.

JUNE – The main reasons why I migrated to New Zealand because of the Lord of the Rings movies and visiting the Weta Cave in Miramar is a great opportunities. As my Oriental Bay photo featured in 2008 Schmap New Zealand Edition.

JULY – I was one of the lucky person who witnessed the selling of 1st Iphone 3G in New Zealand and experienced the Petone Winter Carnival.

AUGUST – My blogs Joie De Vivre has been nominated as Best Blog for Personal and The Sidestrip as Blogger’s Choice Awards for the 2nd Philippine Blog Awards.

SEPTEMBER – For the second time around another photo from my blog was featured again at 2008 fifth Edition Schmap New Zealand. I also participated in Software Freedom Day and met some Wellington Bloggers.

OCTOBER – Mico Santo’s Joie De Vivre joined the rest of the World to Stand up Against Poverty and EDay.

NOVEMBER – Twenty Cartoonist from fifteen  different  countries joined hands to fight against terorrism and they called “Cartooning for Peace” and the Girl just wanna Shwop.

DECEMBER – Thousand of  queued  to see the World famous Collosal Squid at Te PaPa Museum and the Annual Wellingtonista Awards 2008 at Mighty Mighty.

See you next year. Happy Holidays

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