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GAZA protest video ,removed from Video sharing site


“Your Video has been removed”

This is a notice I received from Metcafe, a video-sharing site regarding my video about protest-rally against Gaza conflict.

The Metcafe messages said :

“Thank you for submitting to Metacafe. Your video ‘Pro-Palestine Stages Protest by Die-in in Wellington’ has been declined for the following reason: Item was found unsuitable for Metacafe. The video was found unsuitable to be published on Metacafe by our Review Panel. The item may contain pornographic, revolting, violent or malicious content. Your video will not be published on Metacafe.”

I was shocked I’m just doing my job to inform the public in any political issues that can affect New Zealand. I don’t see any violent, revolting or malicious content of the video. The protesters just express their feeling about what happened to GAZA.

You can check the video and see for yourself. Click Here

On the other hand, Prime Minister John Key said He’s calling for a cease-fire and urged the two parties to negotiate resolve the problems in Gaza

Meanwhile, one of the Pro-Palestine protest group’s spokesmen, John Minto, said cyber attacks on the local peace movement were the likely work of Israeli military hackers.

His own website ( with articles on Gaza has been downed, a Peace Movement Aotearoa newsletter affected and facebook pages of local supporters had been removed, in line with attacks on groups overseas.

“This is most likely the work of a dedicated unit within the Israeli military which monitors and does its best to close down sites which are effective in organising opposition to Israeli policies,” he said.

Note: Repost from my Political Blog – Repress

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