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The UP New Year Party: Predictions 2009

Once Again , Wellington’s top bloggers will gaze  into the future  and tell us  what the big news will be  in the next  twelve months.

The event called “The UP  New Year Party  Prediction 2009 ” sponsored by  Unlimited Potential  and will happen on Jan. 27,5:30pm  at Wellington  Regional  Chamber of Commerce  in The Majestic Centre, Willis St.

According to UP organizer,  they predict that this will be an UP event like no other. Come to drink, meet and mingle, and at 6pm we will assemble to hear the bloggers reveal all–their own forecasts, and those made by their readers.

The Blogger LineUP:

Philip Fierlinger, turntable technologist & Xero blogger & 2008 UP Visionary
Mauricio Freitas, geekzone guru
Miraz Jordan knowIT – all
Brenda Wallace, Wellington’s coffeegeek

On the other hand ,Here  are my own predictions :

For Gadget and Games :

1.  Car Racer Gesture Only Video Game by Gesture trek

2. Video Glasses Home Theater by AHA International

3 .  Solar Energy Mobile  Phone  Charger  and Flashlight  by Good Green Technologies

4.  Mobile tv phone by LG

5. TV Touch Screen  by World  Bridge TVT

6.  Universal wireless and keyboard by  Victen

7.  Palm Pre  Smartphone

8.  Intel ‘s Smartcar

9.  USb Turntable by ION

For Internet,Web 3.0

1.  Wimax –Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access

2.  Core 17 Processor Touchscreen  by Intel

3.   Google Earth Desktop  Viewer  By Transtouch

4.  Surface touchscreen by Microsoft

5.  Wireless charging by Powermat

For Business and Technology

1.  Computer Projector  by Limebook

2.  Smartpen by Pen wire Labratory Inc.

3.  One Charge while you travel by Igo

4. Gen Audio – new 4 D audio technology

5.  Toshiba’s micro front Projector

6. Ipod to wireless printer by HP.

That’s  my predictions for this year 2009.. so see you in Jan 27 at  the   Wellington Regional Chamber of Commerce.

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