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A Day in a Zoo

Hot Summer Day!

This is the first time that I joined a field trip to the Zoo with my 3.5 year old daughter for their kindergarten class.

We arrived in Wellington Zoo at 10Am and I noticed I’m the old Daddy in the group all of them are mommies.  Oh!  Well.  The kids are enjoying the  toured around the Zoo from the Lion cage up to the Animal Hospital .

The hospital at Wellington Zoo sees over 1,000 cases a year, of animals that need medical treatment or research that needs to be done in the laboratory.

My daughter loved the meerkats remember in the movie Lion King, the small creatures and We also went to the Twilight (not the movie he! he! he!)is nocturnal  house  is home to our Kiwi as well as tuatara.

In The Twilight, you’ll learn all about our unique native nocturnal species and what you can do to help save them in the wild.

It was a fun and tired day for me!! but I also enjoyed the trip.

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