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A European Adventure for Just $50 A Day

Eversince  I was a kid I wish to travel around  Europe explore iconic and historical site from France up to Spain. Unfortunately, budget is a big problem for me , so for now it will  be just I dream.

Until my friend Mark Devlin from ImpactPr told that  Camino Downunder offers comprehensive workshops for New Zealanders contemplating the great Camino de Santiago pilgrimage route in Western Europe at the low cost of only $50 a day.

According to Devlin, Camino de Santiago (or St James Way) has been in existence since the 9th Century and has become one of the most iconic and famous long distance walking tracks in Europe. The route begins in France and ends in the exciting city of Santiago de Compostela in Spain.

To give you a taste of what to expect on this amazing journey Marc Grossman, a specialised French and Spanish language teacher over the last thirty years, launched a series of classes and workshops called Camino Downunder.

Grossman’s passion for the Camino de Santiago inspired him to start Camino Downunder to communicate all facets and aspects of the pilgrimage to an Australian and New Zealand audience.

“While travelling on the route myself, I observed fellow Australian and Kiwi compatriots struggling with many issues including language barriers and difficulties understanding the policies, protocols and procedures of being a 21st century pilgrim,” says Grossman.

“Our mission is to comprehensively prepare all participants irrespective of age to successfully and confidently undertake their greatest long distance walking journey, whilst armed with deep knowledge and insights about the Camino.”

The Camino Downunder workshops help people prepare, understand and appreciate the universal pull and attraction of the life changing experience.

Attendees learn how to navigate along the Camino, successfully move between and among cultures – including specialised Spanish vocabulary and verbal expressions – and about the history and exquisite environment. It also helps travellers to better understand how the registration system works including the $50 a day living costs (accommodation, utilities, food and ablutions).

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