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one more week to cover oneself in Jandal glory

I received an email from Phil Reed and he would like to update us about the  Handle the Jandal  DIY music video competition.

He said  the closing date  for the entries is on  September 21    at 5:00PM.

“But it’s not too late,” said Handle the Jandal 2009 event organiser Hadden Morrison. “Musicians, bands, record labels and, of course, do-it-yourself filmmakers have a week to burn their creation onto DVD disk and stick it in the post.

“Any video made over the past year that has been self-funded is eligible. It’s that simple, so this is the final call for the creative wizards out there to get in the mix to cover themselves in gooey golden Jandal goodness,” he said.

All entry requirements, specifications and further information is available from Radio Active 89FM’s website, ph 04 801 9899 or email Hadden Morrison on

The nationwide DIY music video competiton, Handle the Jandal will be held at Wellington’s Embassy Theatre, Thursday October 29. It is the annual competition that matches rising music stars with up’n’coming filmmakers, so all videos must be completely self-funded and may only use New Zealand music.

The prize pool, for this year’s competition has been set, with services and equipment on offer to help give New Zealand’s budding filmmakers and music artists a firm leg up into an exciting future. Panavision, Sticky Pictures, Portsmouth and Park Road Post  are all donating a truck-load of filmmaking goodness for a Golden Jandal winner.

Judges for this year’s competition have been sorted, featuring New Zealand music legend Roger Shepherd, NZ On Air’s David Ridler and Under The Mountain film director Jonathan King.

Handle the Jandal are well stoked with the support from Juice TV, Manky Chops, Kraft:Haus, Nektar, Spyglass and Hovering Lion.

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