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WearableArt Wander Part 2


This year , Lady of the Wood bags the Supreme awards at the Montana World of WearableArt awards.

The 18th-century-style ballgown, by Alaskan carpenter David Walker and made entirely of all-American timbers, was the first international entry to win the competition.

As I said before in my previous blog entry since I don’t have enough money to buy the ticket  for the WOW awards night. Last Saturday, I enjoyed the free Montana WearableArt Wander guided tour to see the breathtaking detail of the 20 Supreme winners from the WOW Museum collection.

Above is the 1997 Supreme awards called Season Reign by Annemiek Weterings, Wellington and located at Untouched World corner Brandon and Featherston streets.


2003 Supreme Awards. Binding Thoughts by Greta Tapper of Nelson ( Borders Wellington,Lambton Quay)


2006 Supreme Awards. The Love of Icarus by Rodney Leong of Auckland(Kircalde & Stain,Lambron Quay)


1990 Supreme Awards. Bacon Bitties by Lynda Duncan of Nelson( Museum of Wellington,Jervois Quay)


2004 Supreme Awards. EOS by Claire Prebble of Wellington (InterContinental Wellington)


2007 Suppreme Awards. Rattle Your Dags by Paula Coulthard and

Ursula Dixon of Auckland(TSB Bank Arena,Queens Wharf)


1991 Supreme Awards. Pallas Athene by Donna Demente of Oamaru(TSB Bank Arena,Queen Wharf)


1998 Supreme Awards. Rock ME Aphrodite by Mandy Preston and

Dominique de Borrekens of Nelson(Shell NZ, Jervois Quay)


1998 Supreme Award. Self-Defense by Deborah Quaife of Nelson( Holiday Inn Wellington, Featherston Street)


2001 Supreme Awards. Astralis Anemonessence of Tarha Pabbruwe of Auckland (TSB Bank Arena, Queens Wharf)

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2 thoughts on “WearableArt Wander Part 2

  1. Thanks for the wonderful blogsite-so cool to be able to see places I can't go to myself! Thanks for the great pictures-Francis

    Posted by francis | September 29, 2009, 11:55 am
  2. Very impressive your art design looks great and unique and I'm confused if this materials are recycle.. but anyway are you willing to do the design for my wedding dress.

    Posted by name change New Zealand | January 28, 2010, 1:46 am

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