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The other day I was watching a Breakfast on TV one and talking about beauty products for Men.


Sound interesting  I stop what I'm doing for while and I watched  this lady explaining the new products from Trilogy.

So I checked website of Trilogy. I found out that most of their products are "organic" and environmental friendly.

According to them, Safe, high quality, natural, and sustainable incredients are priority.

What I like with Trilogy , they are certified carbon neautral skincare company and they using maximum amount of natural and organic ingredients.

New Trilogy natural actives for men includes:

Face wash +  Scrub : –

 A daily cleanser and scrub to lift away dirt unclog pores and help control oil levels.Powered by the mechanical action of Jojoba wax beads and a blend of nutrient-rich Avocado, Marula, Olive and Wheat Germ oils.

Smooth Shave Cream:

A high-glide shave cream. Ensures a smooth, close shave whilst soothing and nourishing the skin.


After Shave Balm :

A soothing, post shave balm with a fragrant blend of natural essential oils to refresh the skin and help calm shaving irritations.

Moisturiser with SOF15 :

A lightweight, daily moisturiser to help maintain skin elasticity and moisture with a new generation, photo-stable SPF15 for broad spectrum UV protection. Protects hydrates and improves skin condition.

Check their other products at and support  Trilogy Save Orangutans.




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