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Weight Watchers,wins Jandal 09


I was lucky enough to attend the 2009 Handle the Jandal Video Music Award last Friday at the Embassy theater courtesy of Phil Reed and Annie Richardson of messagetraders.

Among 15 finalist that  where shown on the big screen, Parallel Dance Ensemble won the Golden Jandal for best video, as voted by the audience during the awards night. Check the pictures. or my video during the awards night.

If you want to see the best music video directed by  Lisa Dunn,click

The category winners for the 2009 Handle the Jandal DIY Music Video Awards are: Producer's name, Band

Song Best Use of Exploitative Tactics to Promote A Band: Judah Finnigan and Ben Forman: Highlife,Berserk

Best Editing: Joe Fish: James Duncan, A Obvious

Best Cinematography: Kimberley Brown: Electric Wire Hustle, Perception

Best Concept: Lisa Dunn: Parallel Dance Ensemble, Weight Watchers

Best Animation: Preston McNeill: Isaac Aesili, With You In My Bed

Rising Star 2009: Greg Pawsey: Cougar Cougar Cougar, Satans Blues

And the Golden Jandal for the peoples' favourites:

First: Lisa Dunn for Parallel Dance Ensemble's Weight Watchers.

Second: Mike Gray for El Schlong's The Baddies Are Coming

Third: Judah Finnigan and Ben Forman for Highlife's Berserk

The finalists received prizes that included filmmaking services and equipment from Panavision, Sticky Pictures, Portsmouth and Park Road Post.

Handle the Jandal is the annual competition for Do-It-Yourself New Zealand filmmakers to create music videos for local bands and artists. All videos must be completely self-funded and may only use New Zealand music.

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