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I was checking my mailbox yesterday and I got a letter from Gina Dellabarca, the Show me Shorts Film Festival Director with a two tickets for the opening night on 12th November.

Yehey!. Yahoo!! Thank you.

According to Dellabarca, Show Me Shorts acknowledges the talented people who make short films by presenting  awards to the best films in seven categories.

Today is launch day for Show Me Shorts in Auckland and Matakana, with Opening Night events in both places. And the nominees are:

Kodak Best Film
Paul Swadel for ‘Poppy’
Jackie van Beek and Bridget Fogarty for ‘Just Like the Others’

Best Student Film
Michael Humphrey for ‘The Big Happiness’
Matteo Bruno for ‘Kill the Alphabet’

SDGNZ Best Director
James Cunningham for ‘Poppy’
Jackie van Beek for ‘Just Like the Others’

NZ Writer’s Guild Best Screen Play
Imogen Thomas for ‘Mixed Bag’
Waine C. Paris for ‘Kill the Alphabet’

Panavision Best Cinematographer
Rewa Harre for ‘Coffee & Allah’
Rob Marsh for ‘The Road out of Town’ Best Actor
Arna-Maria Winchester from ‘Mixed Bag’
Zahara Abbawaaaji from ‘Coffee & Allah’

SDGNZ Best Editor
Paul Swadel and James Cunnigham for ‘Poppy’
Paul Maxwell for ‘Aphrodite’s Farm’

Special Jury Prize
James Cunningham, Stephen Fleet and Sonya Hsu-Ya Chang for animation on ‘Poppy’
Rachelle Bakarich for ‘Christmas Lights’ – Best Documentary

So , I'm very excited about the the opening night of the festival here in Wellington next Thursday at the Paramount. Theater.

Aside from that I'll be attending the short film development workshop on November 14.

The workshops are a unique opportunity to meet experienced and up and coming filmmakers. For more information about the workshop,click here

Show Me Shorts is a film festival showcasing the best new Kiwi and Australian short filmmaking talent

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