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Sesame Street Google Doodle


Today is the 40th Anniversary  of Sesame Street . Ever since I was a child like most of us I enjoyed watching Elmo, Big Bird and Cookie Monster.

I was avid fan of Sesame Street  and I got  one box of toys from all the Characters of the Children morning show from Cookie Monster, Oscar, Big Bird up to Bert and Ernie.

As they celebrate the celebrates its 40th birthday on November 10, 2009, the exact day the series debuted on television four decades ago, with everything you love about Sesame Street and more: new block format, new show open, new nature curriculum.

Due  to popularity and considering the longest running children show with amazing 122 Emmy Awards and shows in more than 140 countries, that's why  Goggle are making  a special Doodle for them.

The 13 high resolution Sesame Street Doodle are amazing from Sesame Street  Ensemble, to Oscar up to Abelardo Montoya.

The new season  kicks-off “My World is Green & Growing,” a two-year science initiative designed to increase positive attitudes towards nature, deepen children’s knowledge about the natural world and encourage behavior that shows respect and care for the environment.

Thank you Sesame Street !!

Speaking of Google Doodle, Google New Zealand just announced recently the first ever New Zealand Doodle 4 Google competition winner a 8 year old girl from Nelson

Amelia Abbott, a student at Hampden Street School, Nelson, was chosen as the inaugural national winner for her Google doodle, ‘Green and Gorgeous’, which will appear on the homepage for one day in 2010, to be enjoyed by millions of Google users.

Her ‘doodle’ was one of 20 winners selected last month by judges Charlotte Huddleston, Te Papa’s Curator of Contemporary Art, Huffer founder Steve Dunstan and Erin Simpson, host of TV2’s The Erin Simpson Show.

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