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A Day of Fair and Magic

For my weekly date with my family,We went to Thorndon Fair noted as being Wellington's Oldest, biggest,brightest and best street fair.

The Thorndon Fair is traditionally an excellent opportunity for people to come along and purchase gifts for Christmas.

The fair runs along Tinakori Road from Bowen Street to Harriet Street, and up Hill Street as far as Selwyn Terrace wit more than 250 stalls.

This fair provides ample opportunities to local crafts people, and those from further afield to make substantial returns on the day and to network and improve the effectiveness of their businesses.

My kids loved the event from food, Arts, Craft up to jewellery. Check this photos  out. or vids from TheSidestrip


After the fair , We went to World of Festival Magic at TSB Arena presented by the Lions Club of Wellington to watch the magic show headed by  internationally renowned Australian illusionist,Michael Boyd and Award-winning Canadian magician James Dimmare.

Unfortunately, the  above photo is  the only picture I captured while Michael Boyd is performing on stage because Ms. Betth Dawson of International Entertainment Ltd. just deleted some my photos and videos saying It is Illegal to take some videos even for News gathering purposes and for my blog.

She said that's a violation of Intellectual property. WHAT?

I don't know how this Ms. Dawson become Tour Manager and she doesn't have no manners in dealing Bloggers or Media. Its a great opportunities  for them to promote their show but Ms. Dawson just made a bad impression regarding their company .

Just one Question: If taking videos or photos are Illegal for the purporse of  news gathering or entertainment?  Why Michael Boyd is in Youtube. What happen to your Intellectual property Ms. Dawson?

Below is Michael Boyd


On the other hand, we Thank you  Lion Club of Wellington for bringing  the World of festival Magic to Wellington City and more power.

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One thought on “A Day of Fair and Magic

  1. What a total ARSE of a tour manager – just crazy dumb.FREE advertising FFS – who says no to that?Show was OK, just not a stadium act šŸ˜‰

    Posted by Mike Riversdale | December 7, 2009, 2:08 pm

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