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Hola Mexico! films head to New Zealand

With directors like Guillermo del Toro currently tearing up international cinema it's easy to see why the Mexican film scene has never been hotter. 
And with films with titles that translate to I'm Gonna Explode, Tear This Heart Out and Meet the Head of Juan Perez, it's easy to see that the Hola Mexico Film Festival will be the hottest ticket for summer in early 2010. 
The Hola Mexico Film Festival debuts in New Zealand January 13 – 20 2010 in Auckland and January 21 – 27 in Wellington, delivering an eye-popping line-up of some of the craziest, provocative and other-worldly cinema to be seen this side of the equator. 
The Mexican film scene has exploded with fiery Latin-American passion in recent years, boosted by the success of director Guillermo del Toro (Cronos, and Hollywood blockbusters Hellboy and Pan's Labyrinth) who is currently in New Zealand directing The Hobbit for Peter Jackson. 
But the Hola Mexico Film Festival aims to unleash the hotbed of talent from "south of the border" on New Zealand audiences, capitalising on four successful years in Australia and two years in the United States. 
The Hola Mexico Film Festival showcases the best contemporary film making produced in Mexico, presenting 10 contemporary feature films including the international award winner Sin Nombre, two classic films and two award-winning documentaries. Most of which are shown in stunning and original 35mm film. 
For film buffs, students, the thriving Mexican and Latin American community in New Zealand and for kiwis who want to see the finest of cutting edge non-Hollywood films, there simply isn’t a better showing in screen in 2010. 
The programme will be released Monday December 14th via the Hola Mexico Film Festival but details are available via publicist Phil Reed from Message Traders Publicity prior to release under embargo. 
The Mexican Embassy in New Zealand are proud partners of the Hola Mexico Film Festival. 
Hola Mexico Film Festival 
Auckland: January 13 – 20 @ Rialto Cinema, Newmarket 
Wellington: January 21 – 27 @ Paramount Theatre, Wellington CBD

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