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Martin Bosley is the T4WA Wellingtonian of the Year

Wellingtonian gathered yesterday night at the Mighty Mighty in Cuba St. to witness the Fourth Wellingtonista Awards and this is my second time to attend this event.

The T4WA is a annual event organized by – a blog about Wellington – New Zealand's capital city to honours individuals or group who makes Wellington a lovely place to stay.


I arrived at the Mighty Mighty around 7:30pm and the  programme is going to kick off  so I have to set up my video camera for my videoblog  thesidestrip which I was nominated for Wellingtonian's contribution to the Internet.

The event is very successful and I want to say :" Congrats to All the winner".  

By the way , nice performance to Mr. Robbie Ellis  singing his song : Manners Mall Emo Song. You can check the T4WA images. or altenatively the T4WA Video

Here are the winners :

Best Apparel : 


Best Art Experience :

Yayoi Kusama at City Gallery Wellington

Best Cheap Eats:

Sweet Mother's Kitchen

Best Coffee :

Mojo Old Bank

Best Drink in Town:

Castlepoint at the Mighty Mighty

Best Event:

Cuba Carnival

Best Live Performance :

Question Time at the Parliament

Best Non-Drinking Destination:

Wellington City Library

Best Place to shake it:

Mighty Mighty

San Francisco Bath House 

Best Regular Entertainment: 

The Wellington Phoenix

Best Service:

Matt at Mojo Old Bank

Best Shop :

Slow Boat records

Best Suburban Destination:

Maranui Cafe

Late Night Hangout:

Mighty Mighty

Best Uncheap Eats:

Le Metropolitain

Most Needed :

Bike Lanes

Public Spaces :

The Water Front

Wellingtonian's contribution to the Internet :


Wellingtonian of the Year :

Martin Bosley for the City Market

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One thought on “Martin Bosley is the T4WA Wellingtonian of the Year

  1. Thank for all the hard work putting that post together Mico.We love it.

    Posted by Kowhai | December 19, 2009, 9:51 pm

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