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Santa the new Cupid?



It seems that Kiwi adults are looking to Santa for divine intervention this Christmas, with requests to Telecom’s Santa Line for engagement rings and girlfriends making an appearance.

Amongst the requests for new dolls and bikes from kids around New Zealand there are also some distinctively adult requests for diamonds, new cars, plane tickets to see loved ones and lingerie.

We’ve also seen a heart warming rise in the requests for peace and happiness in 2010, says Telecom spokesperson Rebecca Earl.

“It’s been a tough year, and it seems that many New Zealanders are wishing for a joyful 2010 to come out of Santa’s sack this Christmas,” says Ms Earl.

The Santa Line (0800 222 222), which has been operating since 1993, has given millions of children the opportunity to talk to Santa’s helpers. Children (and adults) can call Santa and email him requests from until 24 December.

Those travelling to Auckland or Wellington for the Christmas holidays can also include a visit to the Telecom Trees in the itinerary.

Visitors can call Santa from dedicated phone boxes at the base of the Telecom Trees and their voices will activate the lights running from the phone box to the star at the top of the Tree. The Auckland Telecom Tree is in Western Park and the Wellington Tree is in Frank Kitts Park until Boxing Day.

This year’s top five wish list for boys and girls is:

1.    Gaming consol/game
2.    Mobile phone
3.    Computer
4.    Doll
5.    Trampoline

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