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So Poignant, So Real,So Fricken Beautiful!!!


I was lucky enough to meet some of the best Lifestyle reporters in Wellington during the launching of 2010 Downstage Season One last Friday.

I saw our friend Camille Guzwell of Classic Hits FM, Mr. Jim Chipp of Wellingtonian and Heather Mac Donald of among others.

Ms. Hilary Beaton, the CEO and Director of Downstage and Marketing Manager Mr. Chris Basette entertained the media. Click here for images during the launching.


They explained to us,some of the upcoming shows for their  2010 Season One  which includes the comeback of Biography of  My Skin, a comedy about love,marriage and acting up on April 9 to 24.

Here are the shows you will be expecting this 2010 Downstage Season One :

From  February 4 – 13, Downstage,Whitirea and Long Cloud Youth Theater present VERNON GOD LITTLE.

Vernon is fifteen years old and lives with his mother in a flea-bitten Texan town. His best friend just massacred sixteen of their classmates before killing himself. The town wants vengeance and turns its sight on Vernon. 

Next is the Apollo 13: Mission Control from February 27 up to 9 March.

As three astronauts trapped 200,000 miles from earth fight for their lives,audience members seated in "Mission Control' must make the critical decisions necessary to bring the heroes safely homes.

On March 18-27,the Downstage and NZ Fringe Festival will present a two stand out shows from the 2010 NZ Fringe Festival , "Pick of the Fringe".

The Downstage will Laud out loud with two incredible shows that explore the theatrical side of comedy as they join the New Zealand International Comedy Festival on May 4 to 15.

After that, Lullaby Jock will be on centre stage on May 18 to 29 follow by Dave Armstrong's hilarious political satire  show " Le Sud " (Jun 1-19).

Lastly, The Te Rada – eating the Dog show (29 Jun -10- Jul).

I pretty excited about the upcoming shows and for more information you check their website at

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