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Island Bay Festival

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A market by the Sea!! Music in the Park ,Wandering performers  and buskers and a boat rides around the Island.

That’s what happened last Sunday during the Island Bay Festival . It was pretty Good sunny day and my kids loved the event.


More than 50 stalls line up along Esplanade. The section of the roadway  between Derwent Street  and Trent St. are closed to traffic and crowded  with market stalls – from local art and crafts, fresh food , clothing ,jewelry, and ethnic goods.


On the other hand, the Marine Education Centre is a big hits, as people  are line outside  to learn about the ocean environment .

The Children love the touch pools which they can gently touch some of marine animals at the centre.

One of the exciting programme is the Big Dig.

The annual big dig has become etched in the memories of countless local children. Children dig for buried treasure (in the form of numbered tokens) in the sands of Island Bay beach.


Island Bay Playcentre runs this vibrant event, with support from the Island Bay New World Supermarket.

Tokens are buried in the sand at the crack of dawn after a team of volunteers clears and rakes a 100 square meter area of sand near the surf club. As children dig up the tokens, they then exchange the token for the corresponding prize.

Thanks Island Bay, see you next year for another fun-filled event

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