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After a stellar opening weekend, New Zealand film BOY has now reached dizzying heights of opening week success with $866,121 at the box office, placing BOY ahead of Sione’s Wedding, Whale Rider and The World’s Fastest Indian opening week figures (as obtained from the New Zealand Motion Picture Distributors Association).  

BOY has consistently held its position at #1 in the box office charts since opening on March 25th.     Critics have raved about the film, with five stars from New Zealand Herald’s Peter Calder, “a very strong piece of work that will quickly become a classic’ and TV3’s Kate Rodger “It feels like a while since I smiled this wide and felt this good watching any film, Kiwi or otherwise”.    

Audiences across the country are erupting in applause at the end of the film – a seldom seen event these days and a clear signal of how much people are enjoying this homegrown hit. 

BFM film reviewer Fabian Fanboy suggests that BOY is “proving to be a  cultural everyone-coming-together moment”.    

New Zealand Film Commission CEO Graeme Mason commented “New Zealanders love New Zealand films but their support and joy for Boy is truly exceptional.  Congratulations to Taika, Ainsley, Cliff, Emanuel and everyone who worked on this wonderful film.”    

New Zealand Distributor Michael Eldred said of the results "It's so pleasing to see audiences really enjoying and appreciating this great film. I've never witnessed such positive word of mouth in 15 years of film distribution."  

   BOY, written, directed and starring Taika Waititi is a hilarious and heartfelt coming-of-age story.  Set on the rural East Coast during the 80’s, BOY tells the tale of Boy, Rocky and their inept wannabe gangster father Alamein.  Inspired by Waititi’s Oscar-nominated Two Cars, One Night and his own childhood in Waihau Bay.    

   BOY is now in good shape to roll on through Easter Weekend and the school holidays, just as competition stiffens with an additional four more films entering the market.

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