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Did you know…Happy Father’s Day


To celebrate Father’s Day on Sunday 5 September, Statistics New Zealand is releasing some facts of interest based on 2009 data.

On Father’s Day in 2009, about 140 men received a new baby as their present.

The average age of fathers of new babies was 32 years in 2009, but one in 100 babies had a father aged 50 years or over.

Today’s newborn babies have fathers who are, on average, four years older than their own fathers were when they were born.

Fathers tend to be older than mothers, with an average age-gap of about two years. In the last decade almost three-quarters of babies born had fathers who were older than their mothers.

Nearly 30 percent of babies born in New Zealand last year were to fathers who were not born in New Zealand themselves. One-quarter of the overseas-born fathers were born in Samoa, Tonga, or Fiji. Close to one in five were born in the United Kingdom.

Eighty-three percent of men had face-to-face contact at least once with a family member not living with them, over a four-week period.

About one-quarter of men felt they did not have enough contact with family members who do not live with them.

Eighty-five percent of men were satisfied or very satisfied with their lives. New Zealand and Australia celebrate Father’s Day in September, whereas internationally a
number of northern hemisphere countries celebrate it in June.


On the Other Hand, I would like to greet my Father Enero Santos, a happy Father Day. Thank you to all the support and advices that you given me.

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