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The Rock, Wellington Airport ’s bold new terminal development has arrived and today hosted its first group of high fliers during its official opening function.  The Prime Minister of New Zealand the Honourable John Key was there to declare Wellington Airport as Ready to Rock for the 2011 Rugby World Cup.

The Rock was the last project of an extensive five year two-stage development to increase capacity to meet existing demand and prepare for future Growth at the Capital city airport.  The new addition has more than doubled the space in the departure lounge and will allow the airport to process up to 1,000 passengers per hour.

The Rock has already hit the headlines for its eye catching design reflecting the form of the local geography. The largest of the three Rock structures is 16m high and 33m wide at the widest point and the whole building is encased in copper plating, the colour of which will evolve and change over time as it is exposed to the elements.

“The Rock is fantastic! It reflects the airport’s location on Wellington ’s unique and amazing South Coast – the design pushes new boundaries, yet is functional and cost effective” said Lloyd Morrison, Wellington Businessman and Infratil Director.

As well as being designed to meet functional requirements, The Rock was also designed to make a statement about Wellington . Known as the capital of cool the city is known for pushing the boundaries creatively and artistically and Wellington ’s new gateway represents the cultural capital’s unique and exciting spirit.

Wellington based Design commentator Tommy Honey said: “It’s very rare that this old cynic sees a building and is converted to an enthusiast.  When people go inside they will realise the true value of this spectacular and supremely elegant building. People are going to leave for the airport early just so they can hang there.”

“Probably most memorable from a first look, was the high level of detailing which successfully transforms an idea grown from a foam model into an architectural delight.” said Dennis Chippendale, Wellington Architect and committee member of the Architecture Centre.

All gates in the new facility are capable of being used for international and domestic services, creating a flexible space which is vitally important at Wellington Airport , which accommodates 47,700 passengers per hectare of land, more than five times that of the other large airports in NZ.

“This building is unique, dynamic and functional. The whole team is very proud of what has been achieved.” says Wellington International Airport CEO, Steven Fitzgerald .

Wellington Airport is ready to Rock!

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