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For the first time in the 16 year history of the annual New Balance Great Lake Relay, participants now have the opportunity to not only run one of the world’s most scenic courses but also raise money to show their support for the Mental Health Foundation and look stylish while doing so.

“In any year, one in five New Zealanders will be affected by a mental health problem but it is important to know that recovery is possible,” Judi Clements, Chief Executive of the Mental Health Foundation says. “One way to aid recovery is through physical activity. Studies have shown that physical activity supports wellbeing and promotes recovery”

“Regular exercise may also help by improving self-esteem, promoting better sleep patterns, and provide opportunities for socialising and making new friends.”

Research has shown that there are five ways to maintain and improve our mental health; connect, give, take notice, learn and be active. “By participating in, and fundraising through, the 2011 Great Lake Relay, not only will you be doing all five, but you will be helping others to do so,” says Ms Clements.

“At Elusiv, we believe that mental health is just as important as physical health,” says Designer Nicola Reilly. “We wanted to support an event that endorsed both of those things, as well as embodying everything our label is about – starting from the ground up, taking one step at a time and giving it a go,” she says.

Held on Saturday the 19th February 2011, the Great Lake Relay consists of eighteen legs varying in length from 5.2km to 14.4km around Lake Taupo and is completed by teams of ten to eighteen members. Alternatively, if the 155km Great Lake Relay sounds a bit too much like hard work there is the Length Of The Lake event that is competed by teams of ve to eight members and totalling 67.5km.

Individual runners and teams are invited to build their own online fundraising page via, where they can set up a fundraising goal, upload photos and write blogs to motivate friends, families and colleagues to support them as they prepare for and complete the relay.

All those who decide to fundraise will also be in with a chance to win some fantastic prizes including restaurant and accommodation vouchers or gym memberships, and everyone who raises over $500 will receive the fantastic limited edition Elusiv t-shirt.

Alternatively the general public can purchase the tees at with $5 from every one sold going directly to the Mental Health Foundation.

Visit to start fundraising, or to purchase a $45 limited edition MHF Elusiv t-shirt.

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