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Fashion and wine a perfect partnership



Sisters Ridge wines from Canterbury and fashion house Urban Creative, owner of the Sable&Minx label, are delighted to announce their partnership, and exciting cross-industry collaboration to create community.

The parallels between fashion and wine are numerous. After all, they both inspire beauty and passion, both are associated with French refinement and elegance, you can be a connoisseur of either and they mutually evoke feelings of luxury and exclusivity.

“More now than ever, the fashion industry drives many aspects of modern life, some seemingly removed from the desire and purchase of clothing,” says Sisters Ridge Marketing Manager Cathy Hicks.  "Every winegrowing nation has its fashion industry opportunities. We chose Urban Creative’s Sable&Minx label to embody everything our wines are about," she says. “Sisters Ridge wines are vibrant and outgoing, savvy and stylish, but not at all pretentious – just like the women they’re designed for. These women love a brand such as Sable&Minx for the very same reasons.”

Urban Creative designer Theresa Brady says she adores wine. “As Sisters Ridge is about women enjoying and celebrating great taste when they get together, it made the perfect alignment for Sable&Minx. The label is constantly striving to create community, collaborating with those who share similar interests and building strong associations that result in benefits for all involved,” she says.

To kick off the partnership, the wine will be served to guests at launches and VIP shopping nights. The label will offer Sisters Ridge fans discounts and prizes, while both work towards an artistic collaboration closer to New Zealand Fashion Week.

The Sable&Minx 2011 winter collection, Love Blossoms, will be in stores later this month, and embraces the warmth of a seasonal romance by putting a contemporary twist on feminine silhouettes by including high waistlines, bias cut hemlines and a variety of draping in body-hugging materials that accentuate a woman’s curves and lends itself to a very alluring, sensual appeal

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