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Wellywood or What?

The opportunity has arrived for people in the Wellington region to submit and vote on their creative ideas for an alternative to the Wellywood sign on the Miramar Peninsula . 



The ‘Wellywood or What?’ competition, launched today, has been designed to:

– have fun and be inclusive;

– celebrate the Wellington region; and

– challenge the creativity of the Wellington region.

The competition is being overseen by an independent panel of Wellingtonians who have met regularly since June to design the process.

“We want people to really embrace this great opportunity and develop ideas that can challenge Wellywood for the prime position on the Miramar Peninsula ,” said the Panel today.

”The process ensures that anyone can have the chance to submit ideas and, ultimately, vote on what will be installed on the Miramar Peninsula hill.”

Wellington organisations that capture the essence of the Wellington region have donated their experiences as spot prizes during the process.  Details of these will be announced later.

The Dominion Post is hosting the “Wellywood or What?” competition on its website  The site will include a special section on the competition, with design specifications, rules and the official submission sheet.

There have been many ideas already sent to the Airport, but the Panel says that to ensure they are all captured and assessed equally, they will need to be re-submitted through the official process hosted by The Dominion Post. 

The Wellywood or What? Competition has a three phase process:

– Ideas phase: To challenge the creativity of the Wellington region to develop and submit ideas that can stand against Wellywood in the competition.  This commences on 31 August 2011 and closes at midnight on 9 October.

– First voting phase: Up to eight ideas will be chosen by the Panel to be put to a public vote.  This phase commences on 28 October and closes at midnight on 5 November.

– Final voting phase: The two ideas that receive the most public votes will go up against “Wellywood” in a final vote for the public. The idea with the most votes will be adopted and installed on the Miramar Peninsula .  This phase commences on 6 November 2011 and closes at midnight on 11 November.

– The winning idea will be announced on 19 November 2011.

“We challenge people to put on their creative caps and submit alternative ideas to Wellywood.  And we urge everyone in the region to vote in both phases on what they think is the option that best captures the essence of Wellington ,” said the Panel.

The competition will run over the next few months, with the details of timing well publicized in the Dominion Post.

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One thought on “Wellywood or What?

  1. Hi. Regarding wellywood sign. We have a submission to consider. ‘WindyWellington’. This would alert visitors to the weather conditions ahead…

    Posted by Janice | September 1, 2011, 12:22 am

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