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Art flocks to Auckland Airport Business District

The Auckland Airport Business District is now home to an impressive sculpture which features three life-size steel sheep and is titled ‘The Pioneer, Maui’s bird and the Earthly Star.’

The sculpture, which was created by renowned NZ sculptor Sean Crawford, was commissioned by Auckland Airport, and pays homage to the pioneering flights of Richard Pearse as a New Zealand aviation innovator.

Peter Alexander, Auckland Airport general manager property, said it was very exciting to today unveil Sean Crawford’s sculpture installation in the Auckland Airport Quad precinct.  “The Quad is destined to be the heart of the vibrant Auckland Airport Business District, focused primarily on office activities and support services for passengers and airport workers; including the recently completed Formula 1 hotel and retail shops.” says Peter.

“It’s Auckland Airport’s aspiration to include public art into the landscape as part of our place-making strategy. Sean’s “sheep” sculpture is our first installation and it is a celebration of both aviation and the area’s farming history.”

The sheep have been strategically situated adjacent to the new Formula 1 hotel in an area destined for potential expansion of the hotel. In the future this creative art installation will occasionally be moved to other locations within the Auckland Airport Business District, allowing the “grazing sheep” to be an interactive and transforming experience.

Sean Crawford, who has spent the last two days installing the sculpture, says “It’s great to see it all come together and to see the sheep finally installed.  It’s an interesting spot for the sculpture to be positioned and I think having the sheep moved around different areas of the Auckland Airport Business District will really add an extra sense of fun to the installation.”

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