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Ati-Atihan invades Rugby World Cup

After three weeks of practice and coordination with various groups headed by Matilde Tayawa-Figuracion of Filipino Artist in New Zealand. A Street Parade that started from the Rugby Village FANZONE all the way to the Westpac Stadium and two Stage Performances.

As part of the festivities during the Rugby World Cup 2011 in ensuring RWC fans and visitors are welcomed and entertained.

It’s finally over.

According to Matilde Tayawa-Figuracion, “She received some excellent feedback from the organizer of Festivale of Carnivale about the Ati-Atihan Perfomances.

As for me, it was an amazing performance and the costumes were awesome.

Congratulations to everyone.

I’m proud that my kids were part of this Ati-Atihan Production.

The Ati-atihan dance festival is one of the oldest in the Philippines that are thought to have started in 1212 AD after the arrival of several Malay chieftains and their retinue from Borneo who were granted settlement by the Ati – the indigenous people of Panay Island.

Today, The Ati-Atihan Festival is a feast held annually in January in honor of the Santo Niño (Infant Jesus), concluding on the third Sunday, in the island and town of Kalibo, Aklan in the Philippines.

A colourful happening with celebrants who paint their faces in many different ways and who are dressed in the most exceptional costumes. The dancing on the rhythms of the drums makes this festival comparable with carnival in Rio in Brazil!

ZOOM BACK : It was Thursday evening at Christian Revival Centre Hall

7:00 PM :  More  than 63 performers and dancers are starting to arrive.

7:30 PM:   Clark and Didith arrived with the Ati-Atihan Costumes.

7:31 PM : and my son tried one of the head gear.

8:00 PM : Performers getting fitted with their customes.

8:02 PM : Practice! Practice!!

ZOOM IN : (Event  1)  September 17,2011 at FanZone Stage

8:00 PM: Ati-Atihan Dance

8: 20 PM: “It was an wonderful performance.the choreography was fantastic.the coordination was perfect”, a feedback from a audience who is watching during the performance.

Earlier :  Seven hours before the show  at the CRC Hall. 

1: 20 PM: Everybody are busy preparing their costumes.

4:00 PM : The performing group wowed their audience at their Street Parade that started from the Rugby Village FANZONE all the way to the Westpac Stadium to kick-off the scheduled Fiji vs. South Africa game.

4:20 PM : A multitude of people cheered and vehicles honked their sirens in appreciation.

4:30 PM: the crowds gone wild at the Wellington Stadium as they joined the Ati-Atihan group dancing.

ZOOM IN : (Event 2 ) 11 AM at Wellington City Council Town Hall

2:00 PM :  A short Street Parade from the town Hall to Civic Square to entertained fans and visitors.

2: 10 PM : Another Street exhibition from the group.

2:15 PM : The crowd were entertained when the Ati-atihan dancer performed their heart-pumping and synchronized moves to the beat of drums and music on stage at the Wellington City Town Hall.

As Ms Didith  Tayawa-Figuracion  of  Filipino Artists in New Zealand, Inc said, ” Mission Accomplished”

We Filipinos should be very proud!

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